WordPress is the definitive website design service for people who do not know how to code to create a website.

And in all honesty, it is an amazing service that offers a huge array of options for people who want to create a really great website. However, does that mean that you should use it as your go-to for creating a website?

The fact that it’s easy to use and access does mean that you will run into a lot of people who will use exactly the same thing as you. So let’s explore a little bit!

First, what I mentioned just a second ago is the number one reason that you should be careful with using WordPress at all.

The fact that there is a very low bar to entry when it comes to WordPress is the very reason that you should be very careful about using it. Take a look around the web; every single “introductory blog” uses the same theme, the same layout… Just different colors.

Now, I will not insult your intelligence by saying that you will do the exact same thing with your website, but the same message applies: you cannot afford to be lazy when it comes to WordPress. The fact that it is free and easy means you will have to be creative to make any sort of impact at all.


Wait… Do I Have To PAY To Make It Look Nice?

The short answer… Yes! When a great musician is looking for a nice instrument he will not search the dollar store for a deal… He would go to a site like Wind Plays to get an excellent quality flute or trumpet! What’s the lesson here?

Quality does NOT come for free! If you want to use WordPress and stand out from the masses of low-quality websites out there, you cannot afford to use anything but the best quality! Invest in WordPress themes like Boundless or Unicode and you will be automatically set yourself apart from all of the people who can’t be bothered to spend money for quality.

Is There Another Option Too?

If you are determined not to spend much money on your website design, consider switching away from WordPress entirely! Jumla is another service that will work with every major hosting service. The difference is that you need to know more code and be slightly more involved in every single aspect of creating your website.

However, this is the advantage as well! The fact that it is more involved weeds out the lazy people right away; you will set yourself apart from the competition that is not even going to compete with you very well.

WordPress is convenient, but that does not mean quality. To actually set yourself apart from other people you need to do one (or both!) of two things: you need to spend more money on the themes for your website, or you need to take a more active hand in your own web creation. You need to invest time or money, but you WILL see the results!