There’s one thing that every veteran of web design knows from long and hard experience: just because you’ve built your website doesn’t mean you’ll get visitors! There are quite a few mistakes that first-time web developers constantly make that are really easy to fix; Today we’re gonna point out the most common mistakes that will hurt your website, and how to fix them!

Ignoring Mobile Devices

Just because you’ve made a wonderful site that looks amazing on your Macbook Pro doesn’t mean that it will look good on someone’s smartphone. In fact, many websites look decidedly odd on a smartphone if they are not optimized. Considering that over EIGHTY PERCENT of web traffic is from mobile devices, you should strongly consider making your site mobile friendly. If you don’t, text will often appear at odd orientations, most images will be off-center or distorted, and your navigation can range difficult to impossible. WordPress has the tools to see what your site looks like on a mobile devices and offers help to make it perfect.

Adding a Landing Page

Say it with me: you should NEVER have a “welcome page” on your website. Ever. I cannot think of a single situation where a welcome page before you get to your actual site can help you. It’s just one more step between your customer and a sale; why add barriers to them getting what they want? Skip the welcome page; you want your sales message to shoot as straight and true as a great quality air rifle.

Not Being Careful With Colors

When you design a website the colors are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the first impression of a website. Imagine that you go on a website to buy quality office equipment for your business, and the website is in bright purple and orange and pink. You’re not buying clown supplies, you want professional equipment! You cannot be too careful what colors you choose; it will be the first thing that your customers subconsciously notice about your site.

No Email List

This delves into marking a bit, but it also is a part of web design: there should always be an opt-in for people to get email updates from you. There is not a single business I can think of that would not benefit from a solid email list. Add one to the sidebar that appears on every page!

Complex Sites

Simple really is the best; You don’t need to have the most state of the art site for the sake of having cool stuff. Make your site look beautiful; put every bit of effort that the site deserves into its creation! However, don’t let technology convince you to add frills that are distracting. NOTHING should distract from your sales message!

And that’s all she wrote! Don’t make these mistakes, and you can be sure to have a really excellent site!

We’ve given you the tools… Now get out and put them into action!