One of the more frustrating aspects of newly created technologies is the time it takes to reach us, the consumer. That can be due to thorough testing of the new item, or the development is purposely kept from us because it means an existing service becomes outdated. While the latter might sound a bit like a conspiracy theory, think about some of the new fuel-saving technologies that have never reached the market because they are a threat to oil companies!


Li-Fi is an amazing new invention that enables the internet to operate through normal LED lights inside your home. The speed is astonishing having been measured at 200Gbps. Yes, that’s gigabytes, not megabytes. It was invented in 2011, and we have yet to see it in our homes. Imagine having an internet speed so high that you can download a movie in seconds! We want it now!

Raspberry Pi Computer

There is a tiny computer, only as big as a credit card that costs a mere $5 to purchase.  The Raspberry Pi Zero has a Broadcom application processor and despite its tiny size is reasonably functional. At $5, everybody can afford this little pie which is really a circuit board. For that amount of money don’t expect a silver casing and an LED screen!

The Atlas Robot

Okay, we haven’t got to the stage of having The Terminator drop into a nearby alleyway yet, but the latest robot developed is starting to do stuff that can at least be helpful. Science Fiction books written by Isaac Asimov always created robots that had a chip inside them that made sure they never hurt humans. Let’s hope that the creators of this nifty robot make sure that it can’t, in a fit of computer rage, tear a person limb from limb! As technology makes advances in artificial intelligence we seem to be getting lazier. The things we want our robot to do are the mundane tasks like mowing lawns, cleaning the house and playing a mean game of chess.


We know these pilotless aircraft as very efficient killing machines for the USA armed forces. A drone can deliver a bomb or a missile with unerring accuracy and steered from the safety of a room far, far away. They were expensive. Their popularity over the past couple of years has meant they have become cheaper to buy, and their creative use has skyrocketed. Overhead views of cities, oceans, and properties have graced our YouTube screens, and some of these views have been nothing short of stunning at times.

Drones are used for rescues, Hollywood movies, deliveries, and entertaining us with new found games to play. Drone technology will get better; the cameras will improve, and virtual control is already happening. That means you are flying that drone yourself to places that you normally can never reach, or see.

We love science! We love technology!