“Noooooo!” you might say. “I don’t WANT to learn about market research! My job is to DESIGN websites! Not to be in marketing!”

Well, I have some news hot off the press for you if you’ve ever thought any of those things before:

If you are designing websites, you are part of the marketing. A website is one of the first ways that people will find out about a company, so if you want to be hired for more jobs or do well in your websites, you need to know a LOT about marketing. This article is not designed to give you an in-depth course on marketing; rather, this will point you towards powerful resources that will turn you into a marketing guru. Ready?

Read Quality Blogs and Websites

You would be amazed how many resources you will find for free on the web. Actually you shouldn’t be surprised, since you work on the internet, but the point remains! Websites like Copyblogger give you 12 free ebooks on how to conduct market research and learn basic marketing and sales. Better yet, all of this is applied directly to websites and web design, so you’re in good hands there!

Actually LOOK At Your Competition

You’re not creating websites in a vacuum. There are billions of websites on the internet, and more are being added every single day. You need to find out who you or your company is selling against, and find a way to deliver a product (your website!) that is better than theirs. But you need to know what is selling well, so you can make a better version!

Watch Great Marketers at Work

No matter what your feelings on Apple’s products are, you need to look at their marketing. Apple has one of the most powerful marketing forces in the world.

More specifically, watch Apple’s events, such as their release for the iPhone 7. Watching them take things about products that could be cons and turning them into pros is worth as much as a marketing course; not to mention their branding in their events and TV ads.

You will learn more from watching the masters at work than you will from any other source. If you wanted to learn a martial art you would go to a local martial arts school or a great martial arts website to learn; if you want to learn marketing you have to go to the marketing senseis!

Read Books

I know, I know… BOOKS? In the modern age?

However, books can be one of the most valuable sources of information because unlike blogs and websites, they are not trying to sell you anything; you can usually trust the information to be reliable.

Start with classics like Zig Ziglar’s “Selling 101” all the way to modern classics like “Web Copy That Sells” by Maria Velioso. The printed word is not dead!

Hopefully this has been a good jumping-off point for your marketing exploration; learn all you can!

If you can sell and market well, you will ALWAYS be employed.