One of the biggest issues with having a website of your own is the ability to make people want to stay on your website.

The best website content in the world cannot keep people on your website if there are system-level content problems with it. Today we will explore a few of the best ways to make sure that people WANT to use your website.

You can’t afford to ignore these tips; your clients and your business will thank you! Here’s a takeaway if nothing else about this article sticks: to make people stay on your website, you need to make the text readable to your audience, and I’m going to teach you how!

Use Bulleted Lists

Your brain loves order. When you look at a page of solid text, your brain immediately says “Nope! Can’t do.” On the Internet, people prefer to scan text instead of reading every single letter. If you can break up the text in some way, you will be able to hold interest for much longer than you normally would! Using a list accomplishes two things:

  • Gives a preview;
  • Catches the eye;

If you can get people to look forward to what is coming, you can convince them to keep reading, and thus stay on your site longer!

Use the Power of Three

Did you notice something odd about the list in the first point? Did it seem incomplete? There’s a reason for that: our brain prefers things in groups of 3. If the list had looked like this:

  • Gives a preview;
  • Catches the eye;
  • Satisfies your OCD.

It would have looked much more satisfying, right? When you are designing, take into account how powerful the number 3 is. As soon as you visit the website for Kronus Collars, an industrial warehouse supply company, what do you see?

Their list immediately says “Fast Assembling and handling, Industrial Flexible Packaging, and Protection of Packaged Goods.” Even their motto is “Carrying Your Business.” which is 3 words long! This shows that they know how to build an amazing website as well as an amazing product!

The Power of Bold Text

Lists are not the only thing that can make someone stay longer on your website; bold text also has the amazing ability to keep more people on your site so you can make big money!

OK, that example was a bit over the top, but didn’t your eye go right to the bold sections of text? If I could make you look and you KNEW what I was doing, think about how you can make your customers look the same way! Bold text draws the eye, so use it to highlight the words that you want your audience to see.

You can think of bold text as a way to make a summary version of what you want to say; you know they will not read every word, so highlight the most important ones so they still hear what you want to say!

Wrapping up

Hopefully this has been helpful to you. I promise if you apply these methods, you will see a huge increase in the amount of people who stay on your website!