We’ve all been there: You’ve built your perfect site, you’ve filled it with amazing content, you’ve followed all the rules of coding and building but there’s still a problem!

No one comes to visit your site.

No one.

I can say with confidence that if the above situation describes you, there are products that can help you. Now I present… The best free SEO software programs!

SEO software analyzes your content and helps you figure out what you need to do in order to make your site rank in Google. When you rank in Google, you can easily get more people to come to your site! So here are the programs:


I put this one first because it is simply the best. No two ways about it. Yoast works as a plug-in to your WordPress site, and analyzes in real-time what you are doing and what you need to improve.

Yoast creates a list of things you are doing well so you can keep doing them, and a list of things you are doing poorly, and what you can do to improve those! If you look at sites like Barking Drum, you can clearly see excellent examples of SEO… And you can’t get quality like that without good software!

Google SpeedPage Insights

Who better to show you how to make your page run more efficiently than the company that essentially runs the internet? SpeedPage helps you with things most people would never think to check…

Which puts you ahead of the game! For example, SpeedPage Insights tests how quickly each page of your site loads, and how to make your site run more quickly. The more responsive your site is, the more users will enjoy using it!


Moz is one of the internet’s definitive sources for SEO education. They have both a free and a paid version of their service, which works WONDERFULLY. Moz is a toolbar that you install into your web browser that offers real-time metrics on the site you’re reading.

How authoritative the site and domain are, what kind of links are on the page, and how responsive and likely to rank well the page is. Moz also has free online classes on SEO! Take advantage of their free services. You will learn more than you thought you could!

Chrome Developer Tools

Did you know you can look at the source code for any website, including your own? You can view everything from web code to mobile code, HTTP status, and create edits just to see what they look like. Going to Chrome>View>Developer Tools unlocks a part of the web that few people knew they had access to. Use Google to figure out what Google wants in a site… Best of all, it’s completely free!

Improve Your SEO Now!

You don’t need to hire a trained professional who will charge you hundreds per hour. You can take steps to improve your SEO right from your laptop… And you can do it in less than 30 minutes for free!