Branding and advertising can be very challenging especially if the product is less than sexy, more so, if it’s a ‘boring’ service.

Gadgets, travel and tours, foods, high-end clothing and other conveniences are easier to market. But odd products and services like health insurance, banking, groupage cargo delivery, mortuary services, and similarly ‘uninteresting’ businesses call for a more clever advertising strategies.

I’ve always admired how designers and ads experts are able to pull off good digital advertising ideas for otherwise unexciting brands. Strategic web design and brand tactics are essential in hitting out a success.

There are many ways to make a bland brand stand out, but I’ve found these five web design strategies as the most effective for transforming a “boring” brand into an “exciting” brand.

  1. Keep web design clean and clutter-free

Stick to this most basic principle in web design and you’ll never go wrong. While I don’t really push for strict minimalism, which can only make the brand dull, I highly recommend keeping the website straightforward. Websites or ad campaigns that are overloaded with content are quite difficult to ‘digest.’

5-tips-for-turning-a-boring-brand-to-interestingUsually, many businesses attempt to put everything on the homepage because of the fear that the potential client won’t stay long. But things often work on the contrary, if you can entice a potential customer with just the right image, tagline or mood, they will most likely be hooked and want to know more.

  1. Limit choices

Think of yourself in an international buffet dinner, with all assortments of foods that you hardly know of. You would obviously spend more time choosing which one to pick. This is very relevant in designing a website for a boring service. Overwhelming users with equally dull choices can only be detrimental to overall experience.

Instead of giving out lots of options, cut the choices to one – a call to action. All other design elements should also focus the attention of the user directly to your desired action.

  1. Be bold, use good design

It doesn’t mean that since the brand is dry, you’ll have to stick to it for the design. Using the latest design trends can be a great way to show how your brand can actually be relevant to the present time. Don’t be afraid to be bold and embrace the best design ideas.

  1. Be empathetic

Let your audience feel that you care and that you’re genuine! Make sure that user’s experience is seamless and easy. You can provide simple tooltips or adding estimated reading time on each post so users can decide whether they have time to read on just click through. Most of the time, we get too technical and forget to add the human aspect in our design.

  1. Eye-catching motion

Adding animation and video to your web design can establish the mood in an impressive and quick way. It tells the story of the brand and how it can help possibly solve the reader’s problem. I’ve seen numerous highly successful ad campaigns using videos and animations. This effective communications tool allows the brand to be closer to its potential clients. Moreover, videos have a viral potential and create much-needed hype for any dull brand.

With all these tips on the table, you just need one very important thing to make your web design a success – Respect for your audience. Your design must be able to show how genuinely your business wants to help its audience! This spells the difference in turning a boring into an interesting brand!