I recently had this awesome client – a composer who asked me to design his first ever website.

Jack is a dream client. He’s a great guy and his music is equally perfect! We had a lengthy discussion about how he wanted to his website to look like so I had no difficult time designing his website.

He even invited me to visit his place. I could say his place is a haven for any musician. It had all sorts of musical instruments.

He eagerly talked about his passion and he wanted me to see what music was to him. He even played his latest composition using a modern digital piano, probably like the one you will see at DigitalPianoJudge.com. I’d wanted to reciprocate his eagerness and enthusiasm, so I really worked hard and poured my creativity into his project. Good thing he loved the output!

How I wish all clients are as enthusiastic, passionate and goal-oriented as him! But that truth is a client like Jack is a rarity. Most of the times, clients are a pain in the ass, isn’t it?

I’ve encountered numerous clients – all sorts – and I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art of dealing with clients.

But there are several things that never fail to get on my nerves when I hear from clients. You’ve probably heard this from your clients!

  1. You’re the digital artist, anything you say…
  2. I can’t describe what I want. Go ahead with any suggestion.
  3. It looks good but can you make everything bigger?
  4. I’m sure you can do it in just a quick time?
  5. Why charge so much for a small logo?
  6. Are you sure about pink? Isn’t it too gay?
  7. I trust in you, just do what is best.
  8. Uhmm…I don’t know what to say but can you come with another design?
  9. I’d love if you used a more powerful color.
  10. There’s something off with this design. I just don’t know what.
  11. Is this original?
  12. Not black. That’s negative.
  13. Will be sending you a pic in Word format. Hope it helps.
  14. Let me add you on Facebook. I have lots of photos there. You can use ‘em!
  15. It must have an impact!

These are just few lines I hear so often but have never failed to get on my nerves. I know, we are the artists but it would surely save our time if clients knew what they wanted.

How I wish all clients are like Jack. He gave interesting inputs about his project so I knew where the project was headed to. I never had a hard time finding inspiration. I even checked out a piano review site so I could see what the latest musical instruments are.

When you find a client who hardly understands the design process, every step becomes difficult. I always recommend briefing design clients about their role throughout the entire process. For sure you’ll avoid hearing these nasty lines!